The ability to turn Zinc into liquid and spray it onto prepared steel offering the anticorrosion properties of Zinc as a sheild. Conservation of the original panel and how important is that? Revolutionary! Not exactly just not used in our profession, until now...

'Chrozak ™' is a bright metal finish obtained in the restoration of Mazak metal with a chrome plate finish, commonly found in the automotive industry, by polishing a flameSpray applied metal. cavaZN ™ is the procedure name for the corrosion repair application for the automotive industry.
'Flame Repair' - We can with this application... repair your peppered body work, by spraying the liquid metal zinc over the exposed perforations? Building up the edges, back filling, closing the perforations until invisible. So you now have an alternative to cutting out, as we simply replace what has been lost

'Flame Fill' - Lead loading but without the heat distortion fears of the lead application as the zinc is melted by two gasses at 3000°C yet hitting the surface at near 0°C, so we are able to fill replacing existing methods of body filling
'Flame Seal' - Where in our process of restoration it has been decided to replace a panel we are also using this process to seal the seam of the joined panels, building up to create a invisible seam if required?
'Flame Coat' - And finally, Zinc as a anti corrosion sheild to your body work 100micron of Zinc applied to your steel before the paint process. Applied to BS 14713/2009 standard which in turn has a guarantee to this process
'Flame Build' - This process is similar to 'Flame Fill' but for components not panels, like engine cases, bearings, etc