Technical info

1. Surface preparation is the key
2. The application of the metal is via llisation and the important chemistry, shazam there you have it, if only it was that simple
3. All applications are tested via independent authorities which often is producing unique data owned by flameOps UK
4. With the above you get our Intellectual Protected Procedures for the Automotive Industry and the Medical Industry stamp


'Lyzation ™' is an applied shield to the thickness of a film.

'cavaZN ™ ' is the procedure name for the corrosion repair application for the automotive industry.

'Chrozak ™' is the repair of Mazak metal the substrate metal found in the auto industry of period vehicles chrome handle and light surrounds etc. We can offer Six finishes of a chrome substitute to match your existing chrome colour.

sCUtum ™ is a molten antimicrobial copper applied to a substrate forming a homogenous layer. sCUtum ™ is made from 100% antimicrobial copper alloy applied at a minimum film thickness of 1mm and does not contain any binders. sCUtum ™ reduces the amount of surface microbes by 97%. Virtually no MRSA or VRE are found on sCUtum ™ coated surfaces.

Microbial reduction on sCUtum ™ surfaces achieves the same level of cleanliness as terminal cleaning. Deployment of sCUtum ™ surfaces can lead to a 70% reduction in infection rates. sCUtum ™ works continuously 24/7 to reduce microbes

Clinical trial: Recent clinical trials show that copper reduces bacterial burden by 97% and infections by 40% sCUtum ™ is a 100% copper alloy based surface layer.